За нас

There are huge gaps in the European constitutions: environmental destruction, digitalisation, the power of algorithms, systematic lying in politics, unchecked globalisation and threats to the rule of law – none of these are adequately addressed.

We want to change that. With six new fundamental rights for Europe.It will not be easy to get them implemented. We will need all the support we can get. In Germany, where we are launching this iniative, and in all other member states of the European Union. But the effort is worth it. We must dare to do something new, especially at a time when a virus and a war are unsettling everything. Do you dare? Then vote for these fundamental rights and help to give Europe a new orientation.

The Everyone Foundation (Stiftung Jeder Mensch e.V.) was founded in October 2020 to advocate for the realization of the fundamental rights outlined in von Schirach's "Jeder Mensch" and a European constitutional convention. The foundation is committed at the national and European level to anchoring the idea of extending fundamental rights on the political agenda and to inspiring civil society actors to do so. For example, with the broad approval of the European population, a majority decision in the European Council should pave the way for an EU fundamental rights convention to revise and supplement the existing charter.

The association's members include personalities from the fields of culture, law, business and science, such as sustainability researcher Maja Göpel, the president of the Karl Kahane Foundation, Patricia Kahane, European, economic and constitutional law expert Ulrich Karpenstein, and Remo Klinger, a lawyer specializing in environmental and administrative law. The board members are the lawyer, author and civil rights activist Bijan Moini and the entrepreneur Alexa von Salmuth. Eva Bertram has been managing director since December 2021. The foundation is financed by donations and income from the sale of the book "Jeder Mensch".